Hello there, and welcome to The Stricken Land, the blog that trawls the stygian depths of Movie Babylon, reviewing  obscure z-movies, forgotten gems, and occasionally something a bit bit more mainstream, all with the aim of spreading the gospel of joy that is to be found in trash cinema!

I am your host, Ian Strickland, and I earn my crust by day as graphic designer putting together promotional imagery for websites, amongst many other design related tasks.

As well as delving into the cinematic underbelly, this blog intends to cover my various spectrum of interests, among which includes, comic books, history, tabletop wargaming and miniature painting and fiction of a strange, macabre and/or fantastical nature.

I’ll be adding reviews, retrospectives and downright opinionated missives in an irregular and haphazard fashion as and when the vicissitudes of modern life grant me the all too precious commodity of spare time.


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