Coming Attractions

Hail there bad movie brethren! Here’s hoping that you are all feeling hail and hearty in this post yuletide period, and looking forwards to the celluloid delights that 2018 will surely bring us?

Your erstwhile host has been busy scribbling away over the last month planning a number of blog posts to fill your inboxes with writings on grindhouse movie goodness and other assorted bottom shelf gems I’ve come across on Netflix and Amazon. Here is what’s on the menu so far:

  • Review /retrospectives of Blastfighter, Lamberto Bava’s 80’s spaghetti exploitation action flick, the legendary Bronx Warriors movies from the titan of Italian action, Enzo G Castellari, and Sergio Martino’s sublime 1983 post apocalypse flick 2019: After the Fall of New York.
  • The VHS Apocalypse – a look back at the spate of Italian made post apocalypse movies of the early 80’s that were rushed out to cash in on the popularity of dystopian action hits like Mad Max and Escape from New York.
  • Rating the Wrong Turn’s – a full run down and review of each of the cannibal hillbilly horror flicks, low budget splatter favourites of mine!
  • Top Ten horror films – my personal all time favourites, and why you should love them too.
  • A review of Russian superhero ensemble movie Guardians. I’ve been saving up this viewing pleasure, what’s the worst that could happen?
  • Rating the Fridays – my ultra opinionated take on what counts as Friday the 13th canon, including my review if the excellent fan film Never Hike Alone, along with my thoughts on where to take the series from here.
  • Shark movie triple whammy – none of that Sharknado nonsense, but reviews of the two latest shark movies to catch my attention; Cage Dive and 47 Metres Down, along with a look a back at the 2003 Lou Diamond Phillips bull shark in the bayou potboiler Red Water.
  • Podcast Heaven – I’ve really got into my podcasts this year, so I’ll be putting together a post reviewing and rating the best movie related shows that I’ve come across so far.

Next up will be my review of a little known arthouse movie called The Last Jedi. It seems to have divided opinion somewhat, so keep any eye out for this blog’s judgement landing in your inbox soon.

Until then, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year!

Semper fi.

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