Newsblast 19/02/18

Good morning film fiends! Read on for the latest round up –

The infamous 80’s nuclear aftermath docu-horror Threads is getting a brand new blu-ray and DVD release. Remastered from the original BBC 16mm prints, this re-release of Threads coupled with a host of brand new extras is available in the US via Severin Films , and is scheduled for release in the UK from Simply Media on April 9th. You can pre-order from Amazon’s UK site here. What once seemed like a fascinating time capsule of Cold War era fears now feels frighteningly relevant again, so have a stiff drink ready while watching.

The UK edition special features include:

Disc 1

UK 2k Remaster from BBC CRI prints

DVD Audio Commentary with Karen Meagher (UK Exclusive)

DVD Audio Commentary with Mick Jackson

Disc 2

PDF of Radio Times articles and letters (UK Exclusive)

Documentary: Shooting the Annihilation

Documentary: Auditioning for the Apocalypse

Documentary: Destruction Designer

Documentary: Stephen Thrower on Threads

An infinitely more fun experience is listening to two of the horror film related podcasts I’ve gotten into. Horror of the Remake and Invasion of the Remake are, as their titles suggest all about the film industry’s penchant for revisiting past glories (or not, as the case may be.)

Both podcasts take a compare and contrast approach to each pair of films, each going into some depth on the merits or otherwise of each.

My own pet bugbear regarding a remake concerns the adaptations of Richard Matheson’s classic inversion of vampire tropes I Am Legend. Three versions down and the world is still waiting for a halfway satisfying version of the source material.

I’m planning a full length blog on all the film related podcasts I’m following, but in the meantime check out these two shows and lend them your support by subscribing if you like what you hear. Both are available on iTunes and most other podcast subscription services.

And finally –  to any aspiring independent filmmakers, podcasters or film related writers out there out there reading this, let me know if you’d like me to publicize and/or review your projects, The Stricken Land is always happy to promote new talent and ideas! And as ever, please feel free to share this post and any others on here that you like, far and wide.

Watch the Skies,


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