Newsblast 19/03/18

Good morning film fiends!

Word has reached the Stricken Land that Fox are threatening to remake one of my most beloved films, Escape from New York (1981). Luther scribe Neil Cross has reportedly finished the script which has met with John Carpenter’s approval. Mexican action wunderkind Robert Rodriguez is set to direct what Fox reportedly hopes will spawn another franchise. This one has some impressive talent on board already and it could work, but I’m inclined to think the original is very much a movie of its time. We shall see.

A new flick that caught my attention is Eat Me (2018), which I discovered via a tweet by the film’s writer and star Jacqueline Wright. Set over the course of one night, it’s the story of a suicidal woman whose life is saved by a home invader and the subsequent mayhem that ensues. No idea if this has a UK release date set, but judging by the trailer, it’s one to watch out for.

Rapid Fire Reviews
I watch a lot of films, far more than I’ve ever got time to write full reviews on. So I’ve decided to put a new section on the site called Rapid Fire Reviews which will aim to give more succinct appraisals of the many celluloid glories out there. Look for out for the first posts in the coming weeks.

Rounding off, here’s a couple of horror shorts I found on YouTube in the last week; The Long Walk and Larry. Enjoy!


And finally –  to any aspiring independent filmmakers, podcasters or film related writers out there out there reading this, let me know if you’d like me to publicize and/or review your projects, The Stricken Land is always happy to promote new talent and ideas! And as ever, please feel free to share this post and any others on here that you like, far and wide.

Watch the Skies,

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