Evil must be contained… Demon Protocol (2018)

Demon Protocol (USA 2018) Dir: Kelly Parkes
Gary Graham, Bethany Regan, Caroline Amiguet

If The Exorcist and The Thing got together and had a love child, the result would be Demon Protocol.
Somewhere in suburban America, a team of exorcists from s secretive religious order attempt to banish a demonic presence from the home of a young couple. When the exorcism goes awry and a team member is killed, the entity possesses one of the individuals now trapped in the house. The team led by grizzled priest Prester J Bedford (Graham) must discover who among them is harbouring the demonic entity before all their lives are forfeit…

Demon Protocol is a nicely executed zero budget little horror flick centring around its supernatural twist on the paranoid ‘the enemy is among is’ plot that was done so well in films The Thing and Reservoir DogsBookended by a superbly effective opening scene and a nasty little twist at the climax, writer and director Kelly Parkes works in some subtle world building into the proceedings, and it would be great to see these elements expanded upon in one of more sequels. This little gem of a late night horror flick certainly lays the groundwork for more demon hunting mayhem. Give this a look on Amazon Prime, every hit makes a sequel more likely!

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