Newsblast 27/08/18

Good morning film fiends! And a very merry bank holiday wherever you are (hope that sun is shining!) Straight down to business; I’ve got three splendid looking indie releases coming up, so let’s check out the previews below –

First up is e-DEMON from director Jeremy Wechter. The story centres on an  escaped demon on a dark and twisted mission that manipulates a group of friends hanging out on a video-chat. The film is craftily structured – it takes place completely on a computer screen via the webcams being shown.

Kendra, AJ, Mar and Dwayne are old college friends who find themselves growing apart. Attempting to hang on to their good old Ohio State days, the gang gets together online for a night of stories, pranks and drinking via web-cam. As the evening progresses, they unknowingly release a deviously clever demon that had been trapped for centuries in Salem, Massachusetts. Since the demon can possess multiple people at once, the group of friends must determine who they can still trust in order to survive the demon’s dark and twisted mission.
e-DEMON gets its US theatrical and digital release on September 14 2018.

AFI Winner David Field (THE INBETWEENERS 2, THE ROVER, CHOPPER) “goes brilliantly against type”* in Kosta Nikas’ critically acclaimed SACRED HEART, out from Gravitas Ventures.

SACRED HEART chronicles the journey of a religious man, who rejects God and his faith, after the tragic death of his pregnant wife and then challenges the Devil. He receives a visit from his priest, who pushes him to question his own beliefs. The Priest turns out to be a mirror of his own insanity, pushing the boundaries between heaven and hell.

David Field, Kipan Rothbury (WATER RATS) and Lizzie Schebesta (SLEEPING BEAUTY) star in a Kosta Nikas film.
“A hard-hitting journey of revenge and redemption”**, SACRED HEART is available now on VOD/DVD and BluRay from Gravitas Ventures.
*FilmInk **FilmInk

Sometimes the blood just won’t wash away. This summer, Wild Eye Releasing makes hearts bleed when Colin Floom and Greg Nemer’s highly anticipated horror DEAD LOVE premieres on VOD.  

Brandon is a young train engineer whose world is upended when his mother suddenly takes her own life. At the funeral home, he meets Fiona, a beautiful and mysterious mortician who takes a strong interest in him. Soon they discover they share a passion for music. And when Fiona serenades him with an ancient folk song, their lives become entwined for eternity.

Acclaimed actress Kate Linder (THE YOUND AND THE RESTLESS, MISS MEADOWS) features alongside Nicole Elizabeth Olson, Grayson Low, Bob Buckley, Elias Harger, and Deborah Curtis in a classy, haunting and effective festival favorite available now on VOD, followed by a DVD release this October.

Unrelated to new film releases, but should be of interest to comicbook fans; The Stricken Land has become the proud backer of the independent graphic novel Minding Mama via Kickstarter –

Minding Mama is a comic book series written by Elaine Jackson, Illustrated by Dan Schaefer and colored by Grant Kempster.
Mama, her infant son and Cyril the Farmbot live on Earth several hundred years into our future. Decades of intense solar flare activity have left the surface uninhabitable. Only robots such as Farmbots Cyril and Celia can spend any time on the surface, where they attempt to cultivate UV-resistant crops. But the Farmbots are old, and starting to break down…
The project has some wonderful and evocative art reminiscent of the more ‘european style’ found in publications like Metal Hurlant and our own much loved 2000AD. Check out their page (with a great live action short starring the wonderful and very talented Kate Davies Speak) and website and see if you can’t throw a few quid their way, God knows British comics need all the help they can get!

On a final note –  to any aspiring independent filmmakers, podcasters or film related writers out there out there reading this, let me know if you’d like me to publicize and/or review your projects, The Stricken Land is always happy to promote new talent and ideas! And as ever, please feel free to share this post and any others on here that you like, far and wide.

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